Reminder: Google Ending Expanded Text Ads This Month

Reminder: Google Ending Expanded Text Ads This Month

Starting June 30, Google will no longer allow creation and editing of expanded text ads.

Google Ads Ad Customizers Tutorial. Don’t waste your time updating ads

Stop wasting time and resetting your quality score every time you update your ad texts! Use Google Ads Ad customizers to quickly update your ads, keep them matched with a search query, increase CTR and quality score. Watch my tutorial to learn exactly how to use ad customizers in Google Ads.

Ad Customizers documentation:

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Everything You Need to Know About Expanded Text Ads’ Farewell

Google continues to push automation!

As of June 2022, Google is saying goodbye to Expanded Text Ads and making room for Responsive Search Ads as the default text ad type.

This video will show you how to take advantage of your existing ETAs while they last and show RSAs’ do’s and dont’s.
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The End Of Google Ads (We Got Screwed)

Google quietly removed Expanded Text ads – You need to ACT NOW before you lose your ability to split test your ads forever.

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Table of Contents:
0:00 – Intro – What Happened?
1:51 – How To Switch Back To Text Based Ads
5:08 – Outro

The End Of Google Ads (We Got Screwed)

Google has quitely phased out Expanded Text Ads and here’s what you can do before you lose your ability to split your ads forever.

First, understand what google ads expanded text ads or the ETAs are for and how does it help the marketing stratey of your business. Expanded Text Ads are a type of search ad available through Google Ads. With these, you can create three headlines, two descriptions, and display URL that appear in search results on Google.These feature enables you to share additional information which can lead to a click from the viwers or your target audience.

ETAs allow you to maximize your presence in search engine result page and drive valuable clicks to your business’ website.

Last year, users noticed that the “Text ad” option is no longer available from the Ads dropdown for Search campaigns in the Google Ads interface. Instead, the ad options from the Ads dropdown are limited to Responsive search ad (RSA) and Call ad.

And then earlier in 2021, Google announced that Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) will now be the default ad type when you’re looking to create ads for a Search campaign. Because the default ad type has been changed from Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) to Responsive Search Ads (RSAs), there are now only two options when you click to create a new ad: Responsive Search Ads or Call Ads.

How does this change in Google Ads affect your business? The sudden updates is in favor of a shift towards automation. And many advertisers think that it gives them less control over their campaigns. Meanwhile, Google takes the stance that machine learning can improve campaign performance in terms of flexibility, clicks, and conversions. RSA gives advertisers a better way to adapt to shifting market trends without having to create individual static ads and test them out manually.

You can still act now and respond to this change. As google phases out expanded text ads, this video gives a ninja way to make sure you’ll always have them at the ready.
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