How To Dominate SERPs By Focusing On Topics Instead Of Keywords

How To Dominate SERPs By Focusing On Topics Instead Of Keywords

Learn how to take advantage of a topic-focused approach to content and site structure to dominate search results post-BERT and MUM.

How To Find Profitable Keywords & Dominate The SERP’s For Years

It’s no secret that Google & Youtube increased competition and upped their algorithm. If you want to dominate the SERP’s you need to know how to find profitable keywords and not waste time with low converting traffic. Google is the biggest search engine in the world, but if you are not taking full advantage of it, then you might just be making a huge mistake. In this video, I’ll reveal some things about Google that you may or may not have known, and I’ll show you how keyword pockets work and how to use them to find highly profitable keywords that will dominate the SERPs for years to come.

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The Keyword Difficulty Myth: How to Make Smarter Decisions About Content & Keywords w/ Kane Jamison

If you’ve used a keyword research tool, you’ve probably come across a metric called “keyword difficulty”. But… what exactly is it? And can it help you create more effective content?

In this Live Workshop, Kane will take you on a deep dive into everything content marketers need to know about keyword difficulty.

Writing About Topics instead of Keywords | Optimized Content Writing

Often you can use a keyphrase many times, but it still does not get analyzed as a “topic” in algorithms. Here is an important example which will help you understand how to write about Topics in a more optimized way.

Topics are concepts and ideas that need to be defined on the page in context. They are not just keywords.

inLinks has a major new SEO Content Optimization tool, built entirely from the ground up around topic analysis. As modern Search engines like Google move towards understanding audiences, semantics and the intent of their questions, so traditional keyword-based copywriting has suffered. The new inLinks SEO Content Optimization tool understands topics first and foremost, before creating a content structure that gives content writers the freedom to remain creative, whilst addressing user intent and solving the user’s challenge and aligning closely with the SERPs content returned by Google and other search engines.

Modern Day Copywriting for Search
Ranking in Search organically was traditionally dependant on clever copywriting that created content based around specific keywords. In recent years, however, search engines have first analyzed the content on a page and broken it up into topics (predefined in Google’s Knowledge Graph) which a machine learning algorithm can better understand. The search engine then similarly analyzes the user query, to understand the topics sought by the user and the user intent of the query. The search engine then matches results based on these topic groupings rather than keywords alone. Of course, SEOs still wish to use keyword research to help focus their blog or page, but if the content is first analyzed semantically, the chances of answering the user’s query can dramatically increase.

Highlights of the Content Optimization Tool
All these features are in the launch release of the SEO Content Analysis tool:

Creates a knowledge graph of the content already ranking
Maps that knowledge graph against your content’s knowledge graph
Shows what topics are common and the topic density
Provides a gap analysis between your content and the ranking content
Shows which topics are overused and underused
Shows how long the ranking articles are and SERPs orientation
Predicts user intent
Shows where topics are overused or underused within the corpus of results
Shows the main topics used in each of the top resulting URLs, together with the links in the body content to other pages on the same site and the number of links to external content
Offers a Gap analysis on the topics you are missing
Shows Long tail keywords
Suggests a proposed content structure
Shows questions being answered
Provides a WYSIWIG onscreen text editor to help you improve your content.
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How To Dominate SERPs By Focusing On Topics Instead Of Keywords Researh

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Keyword research is a very important part of SEO and SEM, but it’s not the only factor that goes into dominating the SERPs and ranking number one for your targeted keywords.

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How To Dominate SERPs By Focusing On Topics Instead Of Keywords Researh
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If you want to dominate the SERPs (search engine result page) then you need to focus on topics instead of keywords. That way your website will be able to provide your users with the information they are looking for. If you don’t know how to do that, or want to learn a few new tricks, then you should check out this video. Using the right topic is what will get you on top of search engines.

Search engine results pages (SERPs) have evolved over time with the introduction of featured snippets, knowledge panels, and increased emphasis on incorporating user signals and content. This change has resulted in a shift from keyword-focused optimization to content-focused optimization.