Google Shopping Ads: How To Set Them Up

Google Shopping Ads: How To Set Them Up

Set your Google Shopping ads for success by visually guiding your users to your products. Here's how to do it step by step.

Google Ads Tutorial 2023 | How To Set Up Google Ads Shopping 2023 – Google Shopping Ads Tutorial

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If you’re a retailer, you can use Shopping campaigns to promote your online and local inventory, boost traffic to your website or local store, and find better qualified leads. To get started, you’ll send us your product data with Merchant Center and create a campaign in Google Ads.

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Timestamp :
00:00 Introduction to Google Shopping Ads
01:20 Benefits of Google Shopping Ads
01:50 Google Shopping Ada Examples
03:50 Google Shopping Ads Tutorial
04:04 Linking of Google Ads with Google Merchant Center
05:09 Google Merchant Center Overview
05:32 Setting Up Google Shopping Ads Campaign
16:03 Conclusion

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Google Ads Complete Guide 2022

Search engine marketing is all about getting that coveted first place on a search results list. As Google is everyone’s go-to search engine, you need to know how to purchase ads with Google.

I’ve spent over $23 million on Google ads, and I have gotten excellent results. In this video, I will share my tips and tricks as well as a step by step guide to understand Google ads.

This video will also show you how to set up Google Shopping, so your product pops up on the top of the results page if you match a search query.

00:00 – Introduction to Google Ads/Google Shopping
00:53 – Setup a Google ads account
01:55 – Setting up search ads
06:18 – Keyword tools
09:16 – Creating an ad set
12:05 – A word about Digital Marketing
12:38 – Reading the results
13:32 – Setting up Google Shopping

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Google Shopping Ads Tutorial 2021 (Step By Step For Beginners)

Want to learn how to create google shopping ads for your ecommerce or dropshipping website? In this video, ill show you step by step on how to import products from your wordpress website and import them go the google merchant center. Than i will show you how to display your products for free, than we will go and make a google shopping ad. Its really simple and takes a few minutes to get started

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Google Shopping Course Mega Video

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Welcome to the Free Google Shopping Ads Course by KeyCommerce!

In this course, you’re going to learn everything you need to set up, optimize, and scale your Google Shopping campaigns.

With this free Google Shopping Ads Course for Beginners, we’re going to help you take your google shopping campaigns from zero to $800k in sales per month. It means we’re turning google ads into a sales-generating machine for your ecommerce store.

You’ll get direct access to the exact knowledge, tactics and strategies we’ve been using for years to scale up hundreds and hundreds of ecommerce stores with Google Shopping campaigns.

This is by far the best course jam-packed with extra bonuses. You will have access to all the templates, checklists, and other tools that my team and I use for scaling Google Shopping campaigns.

Now why is this Google Shopping Ads Course free, you might ask? Well, to be totally honest, we’re a team of ecommerce experts that help store owners scale from $20k to $500k+


We ONLY work with stores that are already making AT LEAST $20k per month. So, we made this full Google Shopping course to help you get there as soon as possible.

So what are you waiting for? Click the link below, start scaling your Google Shopping campaigns the right way, and earn as much as $800k per month.

We’ve included so many useful resources in our video, that we couldn’t fit them all here. Click on this link to find all the links, and resources that Sam mentions throughout the course.

GOOGLE SHOPPING MEGA COURSE LINKS PAGE: https://keycommerce.com/google-mega-shopping-course-links/

See you on the inside.

00:00:00 Welcome to the Course
00:04:42 The Million Dollar Potential of Google Shopping
00:15:29 How does Google Shopping Work? Full Overview
00:23:22 Guide to Google Shopping Metrics
00:28:28 How to Make Your Google Shopping Campaigns Profitable
00:35:58 Making Your Website Compliant
00:49:30 How to Create Your Google Ads Account
00:52:18 How to setup Conversion Tracking with Google Analytics for Shopify & Google Ads
01:03:03 What is Google Merchant Center & How Does it Work?
01:12:56 How to Add Business Information Settings in Google Merchant Center
01:14:36 How to Claim & Verify Your Website on Google Merchant Center
01:16:50 How to Set Up Your Shipping & Returns Settings on Google Merchant Center
01:22:37 How to Set Up Taxes on Google Merchant Center
01:25:45 How to Link Google Merchant Center with Google Ads
01:27:44 What is a Product Feed & What are Product Fields?
01:32:56 How to Choose the Product Feed Method for Your Shopify Store
01:37:54 Set Up Your Product Feed with Shopify App
01:47:24 Set Up Your Product Feed with Direct Uploads to Google Merchant Center
01:58:57 Set Up Your Product Feed with Google Sheets
02:17:59 How to Fix Product Disapprovals in Google Merchant Center
02:24:14 Standard Shopping vs. Smart Shopping
02:29:40 The Google Shopping Structure
02:31:43 Google Shopping Campaign Setup & Settings
02:40:41 How to Segment Your Products in Google Shopping
02:45:03 Google Shopping Campaign Launch Checklist
02:49:07 How Do We Optimize Google Shopping Campaigns?
02:56:24 Google Shopping Recommended Columns Setup
03:03:18 Guide to Google Shopping Bidding (Different Types & Uses)
03:15:10 Manual Bidding Optimizations for Google Shopping
03:33:19 Bidding Adjustments (Location, schedule, device, audiences)
03:46:35 What Are Negative Keywords & How to Use Them for Google Shopping
03:56:53 Product Feed Optimizations
04:03:15 How to Run Promotions in Merchant Center for Google Shopping
04:10:53 How to Set Up Product Reviews on your Google Shopping Campaigns
04:19:46 Google Shopping Optimization Schedule & Checklist
04:28:32 No Impressions and/or Clicks
04:41:09 Not Enough Sales
04:53:09 Ads Too Expensive (Not Profitable)
05:02:32 Dealing with Google Merchant Center Suspensions
05:17:38 How to Set Up Google Shopping Free Listings
05:22:14 Was This Course Useful?

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�� Have you grown your store to $20k/month revenue and are looking to scale up? The next stage of your growth is what we do best.
Book a free strategy session here to see if we’re the right fit to help further grow what you’ve built: https://keycommerce.com/strategy-sess…

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